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Healthy Dinner Special!
Small Family Beef Bundle
Perfect for 'quick and delicious' Family Dinners!
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What's Included In The Small Family Beef Bundle
100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Dexter Beef
Every Small Family Beef Bundle has the following:

- 1 Juicy Grass-fed & Finished Roast
-4 Delicious Dry Aged Steaks
-4 lbs of Grass Finished Ground Beef
-1 lbs of Grass Finished Stew Beef
-1 Package of 12 Beef Breakfast Sausages
-1 Package of 8 Beef Pepperoni Sticks
-1 Package of 4 Beef Cheese Smokies

All of these products are Premium 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef. Raised right here in Central Alberta.
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*Small Family Beef Bundle includes 10 packages of delicious grass fed & finished beef and retails for $195 + Shipping & Handling. Right now get this very limited time offer for just $185! SAVE $10!

King Cattle Company has given our family the opportunity to add grass fed beef to our diet.

With my husband having MS we have been on a health journey to clean up our diet and to consume the best nutrient dense food.

The Blanchfield Family
Red Deer, Alberta
Raised right here in Central Alberta, each Small Family Beef Bundle has 10 packages of Premium Dry-Aged 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef.
"This isn’t ordinary beef... this is delicious, nutritious, 100% grass-fed beef that was thoughtfully raised on a local family farm we trust!"
Perfectly Natural Real Food
Thoughtfully Stewarding the Land & Animals
Tender Beef + Delicious Flavor in Every Bite
Healthy People, Healthy Planet

At King Cattle Company, our priority is family health and nutritional value-period. Over the years we have found out why most farmers don't grass feed and grass finish their cattle. The reason is because the costs to do this are that much greater and it is much easier to feed cattle corn, grain and peas soaked in herbicides. This is obviously not good for the cattle, their body, and their liver nor is it obviously good for ours. The best way to eat beef is the way that nature intended. 100% natural. Free from harmful vaccinations, antibiotics, hormones, and more. Not only are we what we eat, but we are what our food eats. Premium grass fed and grass finished SUPERBEEF is superior in that it contains a much greater amount of rich and healthy omega 3, vitamin A, vitamin E, and various antioxidant properties that greatly strengthen our physical bodies.
Our Family Beef Bundle is so popular we have to put a limit on the number of these bundles we can offer. With our last family beef bundle promotion we sold out in less than 24 hours, so this time we made sure that we are more than stocked up, but we don't expect it to last long.

Supplies of our delicious grass-fed beef are limited and we reserve the right to end the promotion at any time.

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Family Bundle at Home
Our customers are cooking up delicious and nutritious dishes with KING Cattle Companies grass fed & finished meats. 
Share your favourite grass finished beef meals with us and get 1 pound of ground beef completely FREE!
Jannie & Judy Langeveld
Red Deer, Alberta

We never paid much attention to grass fed beef until we read about its properties and benefits. Our curiosity couldn't stop us and we first got the beef Jerky from King Cattle Company. Our family got hooked on the "clean" taste of the Jerky and will continue using only clean grass fed and finished beef. We highly recommend the SUPERBEEF.

Robert & Shawn-Ann Bradley
Red Deer, Alberta

We absolutely LOVE the beef that we purchased from King Cattle Company. We love the beef sausages. They are not greasy and they are so tasty. The steaks and hamburgers are very tasty. I appreciate that there is no odour coming from the hamburger meat. I have experienced that when buying store bought ground beef. The beef Jerky is very addictive and easy to chew. You have made customers for life. Thank you for your dedication to providing quality products.
Sarah Baillie
Red Deer, Alberta

Our first time trying king cattle company’s beef and it was amazing! The best beef I have ever tasted! My daughter who does not enjoy any type of beef ate some of everything we tried and enjoyed it so much she asked for more! Our favourite were the steaks. I highly recommend trying their beef you will not be disappointed.
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